• How to connect a package of channels?

    To connect a package of channels and start watching TV using «ALMA TV BOX», contact your Internet service provider and register his account.

  • Will there be available for viewing HD-TV?

    Yes. «ALMA TV BOX» offers more than 12 channels in HD-quality, but in different packages, their number can be different. To view the HD-channel Internet connection speed must be at least 3 Mbit / s.

  • On what devices work «ALMA TV BOX»?

    «ALMA TV BOX» works on all popular platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Smart TV and STB. All supported devices can be found at link . Install our application very easily. To learn how to do this, we spoke in detail here .

  • I can not find «ALMA TV BOX» in the Market for your device, what to do?

    Try to change your search query. Look for the words «ALMA TV BOX». If no search results are likely, your device is not supported. The list of devices that are running the «ALMA TV BOX», as well as links to the application, you can find here.

  • What if I missed the beginning of the transmission or do not have time to watch it to the end?

    «ALMA TV BOX» gives you the opportunity at any time to start watching again or continue the transfer from the place where you left off. Simply select transmission start it from the beginning or rewind to the desired scene. You can always put a broadcast pause and watch later.

  • It is possible to postpone the viewing of multiple programs?

    «ALMA TV BOX» remembers the last 5 pending display. To return to any of them, go to the desired channel and select delayed transmission. It will be marked by two icons: 'View from the beginning' and 'Post-view'.

    To return to last a delayed transmission, select the desired channel and press the 'Start preview' in the top bar next to its name.

  • Can I continue watching from the same point on another device?

    Can. To do this, log in to the app using your account on the device on which you continue to browse, and click 'Send the image to a different screen.'

  • How to find channels by name or topic of interest to me?

    Open the channel list in the search bar, enter the name of the channel, or select a category, such as 'music'. «ALMA TV BOX» find your desired channel and show its number, so you can switch to it with the remote.

  • Can «ALMA TV BOX» Remind me about this show?

    «ALMA TV BOX» may remind you of an important transfer for the day or just an hour before the start of the broadcast. Set up reminders is very easy: choose the future transfer of the television program and configure the notification (icon 'Alarm').

  • Why when entering the application, some channels under the castle?

    So «ALMA TV BOX» says the channels are not included in your package. Connect package of channels you can send your inquiry to your ISP. If the package is already connected and paid for, then press the button in the application, 'Exit', reboot the device and re-log in the application

  • There was an error in the application, what to do?

    Restart the device. Check for updates to the application prilozheniya.Esli again reports an error, then contact customer support - helptvbox@almatv.kz.